Systems biology, Developmental biology, Gene regulatory network, Medaka fish


Research interest

Our research interest is in developmental systems biology. More specifically, our research has focused on the study of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) that underlie embryonic development by using a systems strategy that integrates both experimental and computational approaches.


Why do we study GRNs

Because development is controlled by a set of genes, and

  • It’s not just about one gene, it is about all genes;
  • It's not just about genes, it is about causal linkages!


How to build a developmental GRN

 1. Regulatory gene identification and characterization (spatial and temporal expression information)



2. Perturbations:

   Perturb B, measure A, B, C, and D



   Perturb A, C, and D respectively


 3. cis-regulatory analysis


4. eventually



What are we working on: medaka fish

Medaka, Oryzias latipes, is a small egg-laying freshwater teleost fish indigenous to East Asian countries. The embryos hatch nine days after fertilization at 28℃ and grow to sexual maturity within 2 to 3 months. The adult fishes are approximately three cm long. Medaka is a temperate-zone fish and survive at a wide range of temperature from 4℃ to 40℃. Its genome is relatively small (800 Mb), about half the size of the zebrafish genome. For decades, medaka was regarded as an important test system for ecotoxicology and carcinogenesis studies.